Mission of Phi Gamma Delta

Phi Gamma Delta exists to promote lifelong friendships, to reaffirm high ethical standards and values and to foster personal development in the pursuit of excellence. Phi Gamma Delta is committed to providing opportunities to each brother to develop responsibility, leadership, scholarship and social skills to become a fully contributing member of society.


Our History

Phi Gamma Delta was founded on April 22, 1848 at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Six college students gathered in a dormitory room, known by them as “Fort Armstrong,” to establish a secret society. These six men are considered the founding fathers of Phi Gamma Delta and are reffered to as the “Immortal Six” by Phi Gamma Delta brothers, because they will live on forever through what they established. The six founding fathers “immortalized” through Phi Gamma Delta’s continuation are: John Templeton McCarty, Samuel Beatty Wilson, James Elliott, Jr., Ellis Bailey Gregg, Daniel Webster Crofts, and Naaman Fletcher.

When the secret society was formed, it was initially called “The Delta Association.” The first regular meeting of Phi Gamma Delta and the adoption of the Fraternity’s Constitution took place on May 1, 1848. Consequently, May 1 was chosen to be “Founder’s Day” at the 43rd Convention held in 1891 and has traditionally been celebrated as the founding date of the Fraternity.


Use of Our Greek Letters

Phi Gamma Delta bears the unique distinction of being the only Greek-letter fraternity in North America to limit the usage of its Greek letters (beyond the need to be an initiated member). As per tradition, Fiji chapters only portray their letters in the following seven locations:

i. On a uniform diamond-shaped member badge
ii. On the Fraternity’s official seal
iii. On the Fraternity’s official flag
iv. On a chapter house marker
v. On memorials to deceased brothers
vi. On a brother’s certificate of membership
vii. On a brother’s official college ring

The fraternity’s letters are, thus, considered sacred and are never to be displayed on an object that can be easily destroyed. Whereas other fraternities often display their letters on clothing or other items, this tradition prevents Fijis from doing so. In place of the actual Greek letters, “Fiji,” “Phi Gam,” or the English spelling of “Phi Gamma Delta” are used in their place.