The aims of UMass FIJI are to facilitate networking relationships within its ranks, to promote social interaction within the brotherhood, to provide employment opportunities for the brothers, to foster a program of mentorship for the incoming undergraduate system.

UMass FIJI’s primary focus, at this time, is on developing a fraternity that exhibits and promotes its values of leadership; predicated on nurturing the attributes of wisdom, strength, courage, fairness, compassion and perseverance.

Please join our 1848 Club to help encourage graduate brother involvement in annual events (Happy Hours, Pig Dinner and Homecoming Tailgate), help strengthen grad/undergrad relations, and a way to enhance the graduate fraternal experience. To join the 1848 Club, a Graduate Brother must register and pledge to donate $18.48 on a monthly basis (which equates to $221.76 on an annual basis). Upon becoming a member, you will then be entitled to the following 1848 Club benefits:

The 1848 club is a special club for UMass FIJI graduate brothers that provides special benefits to all members including but not limited to:

Free Frank Norris Pig Dinner registration each year
Receive a UMass FIJI t-shirt each year and possibly other FIJI related apparel
Exclusive 1848 Graduate newsletter with updates on graduate and undergraduate brothers

Membership in the club requires a donation of $18.48 a month to the chapter and helps us pay for everything that goes on within the chapter. Please click here if you are interested in joining the 1848 club.

Thank you brothers!